A mirror is not an optional accessory when it comes to interior design. From the dining room to the bathroom, mirrors play an important role in elevating the elegance and function of a room. So, we have established that a room needs mirrors, but what Kind? How many? and in What shape? Interior designers and contractors often make the below two main classifications when talking about mirrors. Read on to find out more!

Types of Mirrors

Plain Rectangular Mirror

The most basic and common mirror in the market, plain mirrors achieve clear reflection because it is made of a flat sheet of glass that is then covered with a coating of metal alloy.

Circular Mirror

These mirrors can be circular or spherical. They can be flat, convex, or concave depending on the level of bulging or depression it has.

Decorative Mirror

Mirrors such as these will aid in making rooms feel more spacious by reflecting light off the glass and back into the room. It is mostly used as a conversation starter rather than for function. Available in a variety of shapes, decorative mirrors will be both eye-catching and colorful.

Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Makeup is essential to some people and this is where a Hollywood vanity mirror comes in. Fitted with bulbs all around, this mirror is going to be very bright and can aid you in pointing out the finer details of your face while applying makeup.

Frame less Mirror

Much like the name suggests, these mirrors do not come with a frame and hence have a minimalist appearance. These are incredibly popular nowadays.

Styles of Mirrors

Wall-Mounted Mirror

Wall-mounted mirrors are a sensible solution for tiny environments since they may effectively conserve some floor space. They can be fixed onto any walls using tape or nails and other kinds of hardware.

Hanging Mirror

A hanging mirror is a great way to show both the functional and aesthetic aspects of a mirror. Usually found in a circular and oval shape, these mirrors are hung from the wall at eye level, around 60 inches from the floor

Free Standing Mirror

Although they consume more space, a free standing mirror is usually a long mirror that is supported on a stand made of either wood or metal. They can provide a full view of a person from head to toe.

Wardrobe or Door Mirror

They are usually not too large and convenient mirrors that can be attached to wardrobe doors and bedroom doors. These mirrors are a must-have if you are running low on space.

Floor Leaning Mirror

They are generally kept up against the wall using a stand. To keep your leaning mirrors from slipping on flooring and rugs, place something beneath the mirror's frame, such as a door stopper.

In the end, interior design is all about expressing yourself and mirrors have a great role in that. Enjoy the process while personalizing your room and experiment with different types and styles of mirrors for your home. Try to hire some of the best interior contractors in Mangalore to do it for you, as they are familiar with the systems and process.